Role: Art Director, Motion Designer

Designer: Gretel Cummings
Producer: Dani Joselson
Content Strategist: Emily Sundberg
Copywriter: Madeleine Mogul
Video Production Company: Vacationland

Social Skills is a Facebook For Business Original Production where Social Media Managers show a sneak peak into their world. This episode features GoPro.

All episodes are available to watch on Facebook For Business's Facebook Watch page.
Social Skills: GoPro
This week on Social Skills, we’re learning about UGC, social media misconceptions, and how to create better goals from the world’s most adventurous camera company: @gopro. 📷🏄⛷️
In this episode, Katie Marylander (@katie_my_lady), Director of Global Social Marketing, walks us through everything from how to feature products in social media posts successfully to bringing your community content into ads.
Social Skills: Persol
This week on Social Skills, we learn how to strike the right balance between organic and paid social media content from the team behind @luxottica’s iconic eyewear brand, @persol. 🇮🇹🌟
In this episode, Jarvis Macchi (@jarvismacchi), Roberta Merlino (@robertamerlino) and Roberto Di Raffaele (@robdiraffaele) share how they engage the Persol audience through organic content and optimize their strongest posts to reach new audiences. 😎
Social Skills: Media Mob Malaysia
This week on Social Skills, digital marketing expert Jolene Sim tells us about how she founded her agency, MOB, after seeing a shift in advertising from print to social media. 📲
Now, she helps businesses optimize paid advertising for a living. “First, find out what to achieve, then figure out what to buy to get there,” she says. With clients in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam and 10 years of experience, Jolene is full of tips for building a better business on social media.
From Messenger ads 💬 to re-thinking the way to plan a campaign 🧠, our third episode of Social Skills is full of actionable tips for any business. Check out the full episode here, then click the link in our bio for a deeper dive into Jolene’s business lessons.
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